Green Book


Various: Happy Days Are Here Again

Covering the Great Depression years of the 30s, this wide-ranging selection consists of British and American "cheer up" recordings of songs garnered from the great shows and...

Mulligan memories, part 1

Arlyne Brown (songwriter Lew Brown’s daughter) was married to Gerry Mulligan during the 1950s and for a while she was also his personal manager. Jean Bach arranged...

Jimmy Bryant: Inside Story

Navigating the new

After countless years of collecting my JJ from the paper shop, I was very sorry to see it’s demise as a physical publication, and become a magazine...

Lance Liddle: finding jazz

Shellac And Swing!

The subtitle of this book is "A social history of the gramophone in Britain". That may suggest a rather dry treatise but I’m glad to say I...

JJ 02/70: Alex Harvey – Roman Wall Blues

This is a record on which vocal eccentricity seems to have replaced feeling. Mr. Harvey's singing is in fact the LP's main fault; the instrumental work isn't...

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes

For jazz enthusiasts of my vintage and persuasion, Blue Note was the modern jazz label. (Partisans of Prestige, Atlantic, Esquire, Riverside et al may disagree.) In recent...