Blind Lemon Jazz: After Hours

Blind Lemon Pledge is the stage name of American musician James Byfield, who has neatly combined a number of genres - blues, folk, the Great American Songbook - into...

Sonny Rollins: Bossa Nova


Jazz and cricket: unlikely companions /3

Vic Lewis’ showbiz team played against one of the more curious teams that emerged at that time - the Ravers C.C. Founded in 1954 in the Blue Posts pub,...

Callum Au: jazz for pleasure


Mary Lou on BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 3's Composer Of The Week (18-22 November) on the under-appreciated pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams was a fascinating and moving five hours on her remarkable life...

Laurie Morgan in pictures

Obituary: Simon Fell


50 Women In The Blues

"This is a man's, man's, man's world" proclaimed the godfather of soul, James Brown, whilst rarely ever acknowledging that this renowned anthem was co-written by his former girlfriend, Betty...

JJ 02/81: Bob Wilber – Dizzyfingers

Here is another superb album from Bob Wilber. The young rhythm section is first class and their play­ing reveals considerable enthusiasm - Bob having the ability to make his...

Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool – the film

Fans of Miles Davis may remember some grainy old footage of the trumpeter shadowboxing in a gym sometime during the mid-1960s. It’s a clip that in previous docs has...

Billy Bang: Lucky Man