Billy Bang: Lucky Man


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Small-screen swing



Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker: Collection 1952-53

In 1951 Gerry Mulligan began experimenting in New York with a pianoless quartet featuring trumpeters such as Don Joseph, Jerry Lloyd or Don Ferrara. Peter Ind and Al Levitt...

Ohisashiburi: ‘It almost has some Monk about it’

British cultural heritage is in good hands with pianist Jonathan Gee. His resumé includes Northern Star People’s View From The Pocket, which was “inspired by the metaphysical properties of...

Still Clinging to the Wreckage 09/19

This piece was written for Jazz News, where it appeared in 1962. Times were different then, and I have let the original essay be. Thus, those who care about...

Obituary: Ed Bickert

On the Other Hand 10/19

Blues From The Delta Avon

There are ordinary books for collectors and there are extraordinary books for collectors. This book surely fits the latter category. This book traces in minute detail the birth of...

Texas Jazz Singer

Play The Way You Feel

JJ 09/70: The Brotherhood at The Country Club

Chris McGregor's brilliant pick-up group seems to be making more and more public appearances. In our last issue Pete Gamble, reporting on their successful Notre Dame Hall debut, outlined...


Director James Erskine's valuable documentary intertwines Holiday's story with that of Linda Kuehl, a literary journalist who in 1970 began a biography of her. Kuehl was a Jewish liberal...

Small-screen swing

Green Book