Marlene: I Think Of You With Every Breath I Take / Pat O’Day: When Your Lover Has Gone

While Marlene might have pre-dated Beyoncé by decades in the single name stakes, she put a stop to it in the year she recorded this album, married Billy Ver...

Music with frontiers

Those fortunate enough to make a living from the “liberal” professions such as journalists, artists, actors and musicians are dependent upon many factors, one of the most important of...

The peace of Pipedream

The outrageous Frances Faye

Obituary: Richard Wyands

Richard Wyands began studying the piano at the age of seven or eight and showed remarkable proficiency. By his own admission, “I was very good. Almost a prodigy”. He...

Obituary: Ed Bickert

Outside And Inside: Race And Identity In White Jazz Autobiography

In 2004, Reva Marin was a finalist for the Fleck Award for the best book in the category Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction. Her entry was Oscar: The Life And Music...

JJ 09/70: Blacks, Whites and Blues

Fifty years ago, Graham Boatfield enjoyed Tony Russell demolishing the artificial barriers between blacks, whites and blues. First published in Jazz Journal, September 1970


I learned everything I know about Buddy Bolden from Hear Me Talkin’ To Ya, the one indispensable book about jazz from soup to nuts, co-edited by Nat Hentoff and...