Various: The Roaring Twenties: Hits of ’28 & ’29

Scott Fitzgerald gave jazz a scope beyond its ambition when he coined the term "Jazz Age". Those who did most of the roaring in the Roaring Twenties...

Stephen Riley: Oleo

Keith Tippett: spontaneous combustor

During the late 60s and early 70s British jazz enjoyed a mainstream popularity it has struggled to regain ever since. There was a sizeable audience for all...

Count me in 08/19

Mention last time of my jazz-book discovery in Appleby (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, by Cook & Morton, awaiting liberation from The Hub for £1)...

Shellac And Swing!

The subtitle of this book is "A social history of the gramophone in Britain". That may suggest a rather dry treatise but I’m glad to say I...

JJ 04/70: The Problem of Pop, by Richard ‘Dig’ Fairweather

'Humphrey Lyttelton’s famous "I ask myself if I want the New Statesman – breathing hotly down my neck every time I lift up the trumpet to blow?" (The Second Chorus, MacGibbon & Kee, 1958) foresaw the days, now with us, when jazz has been dragged from pit to respectability, com­plete with Arts Council Grants and unlimited space in the Sunday press'

JJ 10/59: Wheat from chaff

Bill Evans: Time Remembered – The Life And Music Of Bill Evans

This multi award-winning documentary film by Bruce Spiegel was eight years in the making, and features over 40 interviews, including some with those who were closest to...