Still Clinging to the Wreckage


      Anita O’Day: Selected Clef, Norgran & Verve Recordings 1952-56

      Following her explosive early 1940s spell with Gene Krupa’s band, the first half of the 1950s was a golden time for Anita O’Day. Working with Norman Granz, she made...

      Give me that good old progressive jazz

      Culturally, there was a lot going on in America after World War II. In classical music, Arnold Schoenberg and Igor Stravinsky had moved to the USA and were wielding...

      Bangers and clankers /1

      Nice day for Al Grey

      Sir, With reference to the section of Steve Voce's column on Al Grey with the later Count Basie band, may I suggest readers seek out the album Have A Nice...

      Obituary: Laurie Morgan

      JJ poll: wit and wisdom

      The Inconvenient Lonnie Johnson

      Author, musician and academic Julia Simon argues the case in her book that Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson is inconvenient for scholars for a variety of reasons; not least of which...

      JJ 10/60: In My Opinion – Benedict Edwards

      This is one of a series of taped interviews with musicians, who are asked to give a snap opinion on a set of records played to them. Although no...

      Billy Cobham: Jazz Legends, Live At The Palais Des Festivals Hall, Cannes 1989

      Despite the sighting of two mullets and a mix dominated by a synth sound you would associate with Spandau Ballet, this 45-minute show from 30 years ago dates well...

      Green Book