Advertising with Jazz Journal

Jazz Journal carries ads as shown on the right. Mid-page units (MPU, 300 x 250 pixels) appear in the right-hand sidebar. The leaderboard ad (LB, 728 x 90 pixels) appears at the top of the page, like the Miles Davis Rubberband illustration. All ads appear on 4000+ pages, visible to around 50k visitors per month, with the leaderboard additionally appearing on the front page. Ads should be supplied in JPEG or, if animated, GIF format.


Jazz Journal receives around 50,000 visitors and 250,000 page impressions per month.


Prices for 30 days are £300 for sidebar MPU and £500 for the leaderboard. VAT is not currently chargeable on any Jazz Journal ads.

Guide to web advertising

The Online Advertising Guide gives more information on sizes and specifications.


Please email with your requirements, questions or budget. Special offers are periodically available.