Advertising with Jazz Journal

Jazz Journal carries ads as shown on the right, typically in 300×250 pixel form (known as MPU) in the right-hand sidebar (with deeper options available) and as 728×90 leaderboard (the Miles Davis Rubberband illustration here). All ads appear on 1900+ pages, visible to around 80k visitors per month, with the leaderboard additionally appearing on the front page. Ads should be supplied in JPEG or, if animated, GIF format.


Traffic to Jazz Journal’s new website grew significantly in its first year. Between 21 January 2020 and 19 February 2020 Jazz Journal received 68,280 visitors and 338,879 page impressions. In the same period in 2019, there were 44,726 visitors and 197,666 page impressions. The 2020 figures denote an increase of 52.6% in visitors and 71.4% in page impressions in the site’s first year.


Prices for 30 days range from £300-£450 for sidebar MPU to £700 for the leaderboard. VAT is not currently chargeable on any Jazz Journal ads.

Guide to web advertising

The Online Advertising Guide gives more information on sizes and specifications.


Please email with your requirements, questions or budget. Special offers are periodically available.