About Jazz Journal

Jazz Journal is the oldest English-language magazine dedicated to the coverage of jazz music. Founded by Sinclair Traill in 1948, it has been published from the UK in web-form only since 19th January 2019, following continuous print publication for seven decades. The editor is Mark Gilbert, who was assistant editor of the magazine 1981-1999 and has been editor since May 2009.

Jazz Journal has a team of around 30 writers, some of whom have written for the magazine since the late 1950s, and a rich archive of photographic and editorial material, much of which will gradually be made available on this website.

In web-form, Jazz Journal provides a rolling jazz news and review service with columns and features added on an ad-hoc, roughly monthly cycle. Following the tradition established in the print edition, Jazz Journal online publishes approximately 70 reviews of newly issued jazz recordings per month.

Full access to Jazz Journal is available through subscription.

The old Jazz Journal website (2009-2019) and its news stories, live reviews, album review lists etcetera is available here: archive.jazzjournal.org