Request JJ review

Jazz Journal operates a self-service review system. If you have an album for review, please enter the details in the Review Pitch spreadsheet. This sheet will be sent periodically to JJ’s 30+ reviewers, who will select anything they want to review. I will then request an album be sent direct to reviewer. However, having filled the form you may in any case send any CD for review in advance to Caxton House, Wellesey Rd, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8ET, United Kingdom, but please email the editor before sending any vinyl LP or book.

About the Review Pitch spreadsheet

The Review Pitch spreadsheet will be emptied every two months and retitled to reflect the beginning of the period in which reviews will appear. So, for example, “JJ Review Pitch 0221” refers to the review publication period 1 February – 31 March 2021. Please request access to the sheet by clicking the button above.

How to complete the Review Pitch spreadsheet

Please read and follow these instructions carefully (see the examples in the ‘form examples’ tab).

Choose the relevant tab – audio, book or film. Enter details of your title(s) using the next available line at the bottom of the list (do not overwrite existing entries!).

Artist, author, band name
Artist-led dates need to be sortable A-Z by leader’s surname, e.g., Smith, John. DON’T PUT JOHN SMITH! If no leader, give band name, eg, Weather Report. Leave out generics such as quartet, quintet etc.

Make All Words Initial Caps – like that.

Label & number
If no label or number, give artist URL.

Non-expiring one-click free stream – not Spotify or any other subscription service. Downloads are not so good – the extra steps required will discourage quick sampling – but they’re ok if no stream (e.g. Bandcamp, SoundCloud) is available. These streams are to help reviewers decide, but may be used also for actual review. However, most reviewers will require a hard copy to review. Please note that review material is non-returnable. See terms and conditions.

Please give publicist/supplier and artist email addresses.

These are very important – reviewers may decide from what you write, especially with lesser-known artists. Players’ names, the musical style (what does it sound like? – Dixieland, bebop, swing, funk, improv, etc.) and instrumentation are more likely to engage writer and reader than elevated concepts, political or poetic. Maximum 50 words. Don’t paste a link to download a PR in place of words – you need to attract the reviewer in moments – but add a URL to more info if you want.

Once done, hit return – the document will autosave – and close browser tab. No need to do anything else.

Thanks and kind regards
Mark Gilbert, Editor