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      Joe Farrell: Penny Arcade / Upon This Rock / Canned Funk

      A friend mentioned recently how much he liked Joe Farrell’s work with Chick Corea but then took me aback somewhat by expressing regret that Farrell hadn’t made any records...

      Theo Travis: from Softs to Fripp

      “It covers a lot of musical areas that I am involved in and enjoy”, enthuses saxophonist-flautist-keyboard player Theo Travis of Soft Machine’s album Hidden Details. “There’s the more straightahead...

      Still Clinging To The Wreckage 07/20, part 2

      Inevitably the Mosaics must be listed. The only one still in the catalogue is the recent The Complete Woody Herman Decca, Mars And MGM Sessions (1943-1954) (Mosaic MD7-257) that...

      Obituary: Ken Nordine


      50 Women In The Blues

      "This is a man's, man's, man's world" proclaimed the godfather of soul, James Brown, whilst rarely ever acknowledging that this renowned anthem was co-written by his former girlfriend, Betty...

      JJ 09/60: In My Opinion – Bob Wallis

      Sixty years ago, Tony Standish got trad devotee Bob Wallis to blow the trumpet for George Lewis, Johnny Dodds and Red Allen. His subject wasn't so keen on Mose Allison or Miles Davis, finding the latter possessed of a warm timbre and plenty of technique but saying nothing.

      Modern Jazz Quartet: Live

      The glut of plastic that is choking the oceans of the world is entirely due to the surfeit of CDs and DVDs by the Dave Brubeck Quartet and the...