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Charlie Parker: The Savoy 10” LP Collection

Here’s something the jazz enthusiasts and collectors will love: a box set of the complete Charlie Parker 1940s Savoy records on four 10” LPs, facsimiles of the...

John Scofield: between the gutter and the stars

The tall figure of John Scofield and the posh Amsterdam hotel room are like fire and water. Dressed in jeans and a woodchopper shirt and sporting a...

“Jazz” that doesn’t swing

I am 96, with arthritic fingers which prevent me using any keyboard (very frustrating after 40 years in Fleet Street). Hence this scrawl for which I apologise....

Obituary: Laurie Morgan

Shellac And Swing!

The subtitle of this book is "A social history of the gramophone in Britain". That may suggest a rather dry treatise but I’m glad to say I...

JJ 11/59: Ahmad Jamal Trio – Volume IV

A few years ago it was the fashion to tab the fairer stars at Hollywood by such references as "The Body," "The Legs," "The Shape," and others...

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Live

In 2005 Jazz Door released a DVD (seemingly now unobtainable) containing music by Duke Ellington and (separately) Sarah Vaughan, supposedly from Berlin concerts in 1969. In fact...