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      Majid Bekkas: Magic Spirit Quartet

      Scandinavia meets North Africa in this truly stunning album. The origins of Gnawa music have never been fully explained, but it is claimed that slaves from Mali, Niger or...

      Looking at the Kinks through a jazz window

      "There aren’t many groups in which I work as a sideman, where I don’t have to think about putting the music together. But Ben’s Ray Davies arrangements are an...

      Obituary: Michel Legrand

      Michel Legrand, the French composer, pianist, arranger, singer and conductor, was born in the Paris suburb of Bécon-les-Bruyères, 24 February 1932, into a musical family. He began playing the...

      Obituary: Tony Hall

      Obituary: Joseph Jarman

      Blues From The Delta Avon

      There are ordinary books for collectors and there are extraordinary books for collectors. This book surely fits the latter category. This book traces in minute detail the birth of...

      Texas Jazz Singer

      Play The Way You Feel

      JJ 05/80: Egberto Gismonti – Solo

      Egberto is a good guitarist, a fairly respectable pianist, is beautifully recorded in both roles, but produces not a note of jazz here. Though I dislike such vagueness of...

      Willie Dixon: I Am The Blues

      This is a live studio performance by a group of mainly veteran Chicago bluesmen led by Leonard "Baby Doo" Caston and fronted by Willie Dixon, who sings several of...

      Motherless Brooklyn

      Small-screen swing