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      Plas Johnson: This Must Be The Plas!

      Plas Johnson? Who? That’s the question every buff gets whenever there is mention of the late and unknown saxophonist from Los Angeles, California. However, without realising, everybody knows “The...

      Sonny Rollins: Bossa Nova


      Serge Chaloff: the bebop lowdown /2

      In late 1950 Chaloff met Dick Twardzik (one of his mother’s students) when the 19-year old pianist sat in at the Red Fox Café in Lynn, Massachusetts. They were...

      Blood, Sweat And Fred

      Count Me In 11/19

      The short happy life of West Mon Grammar School's Jazz Club at Pontypool in the late 1950s seemed to say something about the music it enjoyed: fugitive, conducive to...

      Raving Upon Thames

      For some years there have been tales of the Richmond music scene and Eel Pie Island, in the Thames off Twickenham, but nobody has put together a comprehensive account...

      JJ 06/69: Archie Shepp – The Way Ahead

      This is no hit-or-miss session and it offers four titles that underline the leader's widely diversified talent. Damn is for 'Shepp the blues player' and is very relaxed. He...


      Nothing could be more unlike a jazz musician's life than a weekend break in Cornwall, especially if the musician is black and even knowing there's a well-known jazz club...

      Sarah Vaughan: Live