Graham Colombé

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Graham Colombé was emotionally overwhelmed by jazz as a teenager and was fortunate enough, not many years later, to meet some of his heroes (such as Roy Eldridge, Jo Jones and Budd Johnson) on the pretext of interviewing them for Jazz Journal. Though his primary concern was to see what these men were like away from the bandstand or studio, the interviews did indeed appear in the magazine as promised. He has also very much enjoyed playing jazz, in both England and Spain, and as a bonus has sometimes been paid for it. "Jack-Of-All-Trades and Master-Of-None" would accurately describe his abilities as clarinetist, guitarist or drummer. The jazz he plays is pre-bop, in the area where his appreciation is most strongly focused, but he also enjoys a lot of Coltrane and some of Ornette's early work and as a reviewer tries to keep mind and ears wide open.(This also means producing music outside the jazz boundaries and an example can be found on Youtube by entering: Colombé in Cadaqués.)

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