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      Miles Davis: Rubberband

      Anyone insouciantly dismissing Rubberband as just another cashing-in exercise amongst a swathe of “lost” recordings should do so at their peril. This is certainly not the case. This recording...

      Jimmy Bryant: Inside Story

      While not many things are certain in this life, I know that everyone reading this has heard the voice of Jimmy Bryant, even if the name is unfamiliar (or...

      Still Clinging to the Wreckage 09/19

      This piece was written for Jazz News, where it appeared in 1962. Times were different then, and I have let the original essay be. Thus, those who care about...

      Count me in 05/19

      Obituary: Ron Rubin

      Raving Upon Thames

      For some years there have been tales of the Richmond music scene and Eel Pie Island, in the Thames off Twickenham, but nobody has put together a comprehensive account...

      JJ 04/91: Oregon – 45th Parallel

      A new record label for Oregon, and overall, a slightly tougher feeling to the music than pre­viously. As well as being a sensi­tive percussionist, Gurtu is a drummer with...

      Norah Jones: Live at Ronnie Scott’s

      Jones’s Come Away With Me album was a great example of highly effective music marketing, using what might seem like the most unlikely of techniques - selling an album...

      A Man Called Adam