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Dave Bass: No Boundaries

Pianist Bass gave up the music business in the mid-1980s due to a bad wrist break and only returned to his first love in recent years after...

Clifford Brown: Jazz Immortal

Torque: Lost and Found


Roz Harding: are people listening, or seeing?

Reviewing a concert by Mike Westbrook’s Uncommon Orchestra for the JJ website in April 2016 I singled out a young alto player from the hugely talented pan-generational...

The peace of Pipedream

Tony Fisher: session ace

Alt. takes 09/19

Been a while. For which, apologies. Health. Family. “Stuff”. Plus a certain amount of what the Catholic Church calls “discernment”, which basically means looking around, and more...

Alt. takes 05/20

Obituary: Don Weller

The Geography Of Jazz

The Geography Of Jazz is collection of poems by Lenard D. Moore. Moore is an acclaimed poet, author and founder of the Carolina...

Free Jazz Communism

JJ 01/69: Mike Garrick – Black Marigolds

Michael Garrick, gifted young composer and pianist with the Carr/Rendell Quintet, is well showcased on this sober, musicianly LP. With the aid of his regular bandmates and...


I learned everything I know about Buddy Bolden from Hear Me Talkin’ To Ya, the one indispensable book about jazz from soup to nuts, co-edited by Nat...