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      Maconie baloney



      Welo/Welo Quartet: Harvest Time

      Father-and-son acts are rare in jazz but ought to guarantee a fair amount of familial understanding, especially when they've been going for 35 years. That's how long Norwegian pianist...

      Basher: Doubles

      Mo Foster: touching just about all basses

      In Concert by Mo Foster & Friends, who include guitarist Ray Russell and saxophonist Chris Biscoe, is not only a musical triumph but a triumph for Foster’s persistence. “It...

      Obituary: George Mraz

      The consummate and ubiquitous bassist George Mraz died on 16 September, reportedly in Prague. He was 77. His death, possibly from pancreatic cancer, was confirmed by his wife, pianist...

      Laurie Morgan in pictures

      Obituary: Slyde Hyde

      Gerry Mulligan: Writings On A Jazz Original

      The former drummer with Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day and others has assembled into a book 52 articles illuminating Mulligan's work and life

      Prehistory Of Jazz

      JJ 01/62: Conversation With Coltrane

      "Melodically and harmonically their improvisations struck my ear as gobbledegook," wrote John Tynan in the November 23rd Down Beat. He was speaking of the recent musical experi­ments of John...

      Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder

      This 1959 movie by director Otto Preminger offered two innovations. It was the first time a jazz score had been used exclusively throughout a dramatic production and it was...