Jazz FM Awards 2021


Harry James: Mona Lisa

Harry James came close to opening my skull when I suggested to him that some of his records were “commercial”. I wish he and I could listen together to...

Sarah Reich: New Change


Border crossings: 50 years of ECM Records /1

‘Manfred Eicher and ECM have given invaluable opportunities for fresh musical ideas and experiences of lasting quality to reach listeners world-wide. What they have done over the past decades...

Zappa’s ’Round Midnight?

That was a fine piece from Geoff Wills on the jazz elements of Frank Zappa’s music. Succinct but comprehensive. I’d like to add only two things to Geoff’s article: a...

To get to hear

Eberhard Weber: A German Jazz Story 

This is a characterful and consistently entertaining, even compulsive, read. Translator Heidi Kirk has done a fine job in bringing over into English the no-nonsense cadences and dry humour...

JJ 03/91: Gary Thomas – analysis and interview

Grim, grotesque, grave, gloomy - there seems to be no shortage of words beginning with 'g' to describe the music of this Gary from Baltimore. But the man is...

JJ 01/71: Hard Times

Ronnie’s – the life of Ronnie Scott and his world famous jazz club

As Ronnie Scott himself said, “only an idiot would open a jazz club in 1959". But he did, along with his close friend and business partner Pete King and...

Green Book