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      Jesse Fuller, Josh White: Four Classic Albums

      Avid’s latest release in its Four Classic Albums series pairs the rough and ready Jesse Fuller with the smoother, more stylish, Josh White: two solo albums from Fuller, plus...

      Music with frontiers

      Those fortunate enough to make a living from the “liberal” professions such as journalists, artists, actors and musicians are dependent upon many factors, one of the most important of...

      Obituary: Geoff Castle

      The British jazz pianist Geoff Castle passed away suddenly on 15 January 2020 at the age of 70. Geoffrey Charles Castle was born in London on 8 June 1949....

      Farewell Manu Dibango

      Obituary: Ira Gitler

      Raving Upon Thames

      For some years there have been tales of the Richmond music scene and Eel Pie Island, in the Thames off Twickenham, but nobody has put together a comprehensive account...

      JJ 02/91: Woody Herman – Live, Featuring Bill Harris

      Woody Herman formed so many fine bands that it is difficult to give an accurate assessment of his place in orchestral jazz simply because not all of his fine...

      Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Live

      In 2005 Jazz Door released a DVD (seemingly now unobtainable) containing music by Duke Ellington and (separately) Sarah Vaughan, supposedly from Berlin concerts in 1969. In fact three of...