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Andrew Cyrille: Lebroba

With a combined age of over 220 years, there isn’t too much that Cyrille, Frisell and Smith do not understand when it comes to the art of...

Rhoda Scott: An American in Paris

“I just finished my thesis on Lou Bennett”. Her voice on the phone is fragile like a wounded butterfly. But her answers are clear-cut....

Shri: beyond the groove

‘Mike Osborne took a path I could never really get excited about’

My father ran a butcher's shop in Hereford and the family lived in a flat above the shop. Diagonally across the road was a ladies' hairdresser's run...

Obituary: Geoff Castle

Desire In Chromatic Harmony

Kenneth Smith has a brilliant new approach to understanding chromatic music. To grasp it, an academic background in music but also in philosophy...

JJ 04/69: Chick Corea – Now He Sings, Now He Sobs

This is the best piano album I've heard in some time. Corea was unknown to me until his tour here on the last-but-one Getz visit and Getz's...

Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder

This 1959 movie by director Otto Preminger offered two innovations. It was the first time a jazz score had been used exclusively throughout...