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      Marie Kruttli & Clair-Obscur: Thé Camomille

      Camomille is French for camomile, and Clair-Obscur is a quartet led by pianist Marie Kruttli. She was born in Switzerland in 1991, and began as a classical pianist, before...

      Betty Bennett: the chick singer carries on

      In October, Betty Bennett celebrated her 98th birthday and is now beset with financial difficulties. A spirited and stylish singer, she sang with swing era bands, bop groups, and...

      Obituary: Betty Bennett

      For more than half a century, Betty Bennett, who has died at her home in Southern California, delighted lovers of jazz singing. She was the subject of a detailed...

      Remembering Bob Efford

      Obituary: Elliot Lawrence

      Blues From The Delta Avon

      There are ordinary books for collectors and there are extraordinary books for collectors. This book surely fits the latter category. This book traces in minute detail the birth of...

      Texas Jazz Singer

      Play The Way You Feel

      JJ 09/80: McCoy Tyner – Passion Dance

      This was recorded, like so many LPs these days, at a festival, and all the themes are by Coltrane or Tyner himself. As I have said before in these...

      Buster Williams: Bass To Infinity

      As deep as Buster Williams’ opening quote in this insightful film on his life is the seductive sound of his bass growling under his words. That unmistakable upright tone,...

      Motherless Brooklyn