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      Bobby Jaspar: Early Years – From Be-Bop To Cool 1947-51

      Like the UK Proper box sets, Fresh Sounds is known for delving into the history and background of artists, producing comprehensive and informative booklets. This is no exception, chronicling...

      Freelektron: Live At Tenho


      Mary Lou Williams: high in the charts

      A highly talented pianist and composer, Mary Lou Williams was also one of the very best arrangers of her generation. Yet when arrangers are written about or thought of,...

      The source of Resonance’s Dolphy tapes

      Derek Ansell's review of the Eric Dolphy set on Resonance states that Dolphy left his box of tapes from which this music was drawn with James Newton (Newton would...

      Obituary: Dick Bank


      Universal Tonality: The Life And Music Of William Parker

      If an antidote to apathy consists of work and proselytizing, then bassist, composer, bandleader, activist and organiser William Parker embodies that antidote. Cisco Bradley has achieved much in simply...

      The Look Of Jazz


      JJ 03/80: Stateside Scene – Sheila Jordan

      First of all, The Jazz Gallery is an 'art' gallery which will be given over to jazz concerts here and there. Secondly, Sheila was performing with the Steve Kuhn Trio,...

      Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes

      For jazz enthusiasts of my vintage and persuasion, Blue Note was the modern jazz label. (Partisans of Prestige, Atlantic, Esquire, Riverside et al may disagree.) In recent decades, with...