Vanessa Perica Orchestra: Love Is A Temporary Madness

Australian composer and bandleader Perica explores all the different textures available in an orchestral setting on this album. It’s a surprising mix of frenetic, interwoven, pulsing themes and quieter...

Mulligan memories, part 2

Following on from Mulligan Memories, part 1, Arlyne Mulligan resumes the story of her life with Gerry Mulligan as told to Gordon Jack in 2001, continuing with her experiences...

Joe Maini – a history /1

Obituary: Mike Longo

Like many other jazz musicians whose wider fame rests on their association with others, Mike Longo, who has died in New York aged 81 after contracting Covid-19, had a...

Improvisation and discovery

Life Through The Eyes Of A Jazz Journalist – Scott Yanow

Mr Yanow's jazz memoirs include long interviews with Freddie Hubbard, Maynard Ferguson and Chick Corea and a portrait of Roland Kirk

JJ 10/60: In My Opinion – Benedict Edwards

This is one of a series of taped interviews with musicians, who are asked to give a snap opinion on a set of records played to them. Although no...

Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder

This 1959 movie by director Otto Preminger offered two innovations. It was the first time a jazz score had been used exclusively throughout a dramatic production and it was...