Rosina Hepburn: Write Me A Song

This is a delightful combination of old and new. The old is heard in the material, several of the songs being classics from a bygone era. Even the two...

Nigel Price – taking care of business

“I’m not going to lie to you, I was devastated”, admits guitarist Nigel Price of the impact on him of the Covid-19 lockdown. “Absolutely devastated. Music isn’t exactly the...

Still Clinging To The Wreckage 11/20

Shorty Rogers was one of the most multi-talented of the West Coast musicians of the 50s. He was a gifted improviser, who nonetheless was not ashamed to admit his...

Laurie Morgan in pictures

Obituary: Richie Cole

Life Through The Eyes Of A Jazz Journalist – Scott Yanow

Mr Yanow's jazz memoirs include long interviews with Freddie Hubbard, Maynard Ferguson and Chick Corea and a portrait of Roland Kirk

JJ 07/70: Nucleus at The Phoenix

Ian Carr's Nucleus represents one of the better attempts to fuse jazz with the basic rhythm of rock. For this gig at The Phoenix, one...

Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder

This 1959 movie by director Otto Preminger offered two innovations. It was the first time a jazz score had been used exclusively throughout a dramatic production and it was...

Small-screen swing

Count Basie: Live