Dan Tepfer

LJF 2019: Dan Tepfer


John Daversa Big Band: American Dreamers

Assembled by bandleader and trumpeter John Daversa, the American Dreamers are an ensemble of musicians brought together to record music reflecting their experiences and personal stories of...

Don Joseph, jazz poet /2

Another Greenwich Village venue that Don played was the Nut Club, where Phil Woods held court with Jon Eardley, Teddy Kotick, Nick Stabulas and either George Syran...

Jazz in review: 2019

Brubeck’s quartet wasn’t “classic” until 1959

I am indebted to Marshall Zucker’s letter re my review of the Dave Brubeck album Bossa Nova USA (JJ 1218). He is right to point out that...

On the Other Hand 03/19

Jazz Transatlantic Vol II: Jazz Derivatives And Developments In Twentieth-Century Africa

Gerhard Kubik's magisterial, groundbreaking study comprises two simultaneously published volumes, the product of nearly 60 years' fieldwork by this doyen of ethnomusicology. Volume...

JJ 03/70: Mike Osborne at the London Musical Club

A few of the musicians and composers who reside at the London Musical Club decided that weekends there were a bit too quiet. One girl who patronizes...

Bullets and Ballads: Pete Kelly’s Blues

When film music historians discuss the increasing influence of jazz on movie soundtracks through the 1940s and into the 1950s, they usually mention films like The Best...

Motherless Brooklyn