On the Other Hand 10/19


Jeff Parker and the New Breed: Suite For Max Brown

Jeff Parker is best known as the guitarist of Tortoise, which grew out of Chicago’s early-90s indie rock scene. The band pioneered instrumental "post-rock", which melds jazz,...

John Pittman: Kinship

Looking at the Kinks through a jazz window

"There aren’t many groups in which I work as a sideman, where I don’t have to think about putting the music together. But Ben’s Ray Davies arrangements...

Navigating the new

After countless years of collecting my JJ from the paper shop, I was very sorry to see it’s demise as a physical publication, and become a magazine...

The BBC jazz axe

Count me in 08/19

Shellac And Swing!

The subtitle of this book is "A social history of the gramophone in Britain". That may suggest a rather dry treatise but I’m glad to say I...

JJ 02/80: Stan Kenton And His Orchestra 1941

In the 1940s, jazz lovers had a universal derogatory term: 'commercial'. It encompassed the chromium-plated tastelessness of Harry James's Orchestra, the pretentiousness of Artie Shaw and his...

Thelonious Monk Quartet: Live

I saw Monk in concert three times: first with his quartet at Jazz Expo 69, then with the Giants of Jazz in 1971 and 1972. I had...

Count Basie: Live