On the Other Hand

      On the Other Hand 10/19


      Andy Hague: Coming Of Age

      When I saw Hague’s quintet at Teignmouth last autumn during the tour to promote this album, the leader announced that he had recently unearthed a number of copies of...

      J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding: the early years /1

      With the advent of bebop the trombone might have suffered the same relative decline as the clarinet but for two virtuosos - J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding. Their early...

      Joe Maini – a history / 2

      Obituary: Spike Heatley

      Spike Heatley was the good friend I never met. We communicated on Facebook over the years and got to know each other. I reviewed his records, wrote a short...

      Raving Upon Thames

      For some years there have been tales of the Richmond music scene and Eel Pie Island, in the Thames off Twickenham, but nobody has put together a comprehensive account...

      JJ 12/89: The Hoops McCann Band – Plays The Music Of Steely Dan

      This isn't the first time the bril­liant compositions of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have been covered by a strictly instrumental big band: Woody Herman did something very similar...

      JJ 03/59: Billie Holiday

      Up From The Streets – New Orleans: The City Of Music

      “The street has the beat; and the beat embodies the rhythm; and the rhythm embodies the culture.” Jazz drummer Herlin Riley’s insight into the connection between music and New...