Taku Sugimoto & Takashi Masubuchi: Live At Otooto & Permian

Music is about connections in the sense that musicians and composers make contact with the listener. In contemporary music there is always a further element involving bridges between the...

Sarah Reich: New Change


Mabel Mercer: just sitting and singing

She took her intimate, magical style from Burton-on-Trent to New York via Paris and became a model for Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday

Bazzer the jazzer

My appreciation of the esteemed critic Barry McRae (Jazz Journal, 17 May 2019) has certainly produced some interesting correspondence. I observed in my piece that Barry’s book The Jazz Handbook certainly deserved...

Alt. takes 02/19

Blues From The Delta Avon

There are ordinary books for collectors and there are extraordinary books for collectors. This book surely fits the latter category. This book traces in minute detail the birth of...

Texas Jazz Singer

Play The Way You Feel

JJ 01/69: Horace Silver at Ronnie Scott’s, November 1968

Ronnie Scott's genteel and suave new ground floor housed Horace Silver's most recent quintet for three weeks in November. The material - invariably Silver's own - seemed pallid and...


Nothing could be more unlike a jazz musician's life than a weekend break in Cornwall, especially if the musician is black and even knowing there's a well-known jazz club...