Bangers and Clankers /2

      Bangers and clankers /1


      Trypl: Trypl

      The Cotswolds seem far removed from the hustle and bustle of Latin jazz music, but the location has clearly been a wonderful inspiration on this debut album from UK-based...

      Chet Baker: Big Band


      Clifford Brown, trumpet titan /1

      When Dizzy Gillespie heard that Clifford Brown had been killed in a 1956 car accident his shocked reaction became an emotional epitaph: “Jazz was dealt a lethal blow by...

      Geoff Hearn: blues in space


      Obituary: Ken Nordine

      Ken Nordine’s smooth, resonant voice was used extensively on American radio, commercials and trailers for films, but jazz followers will remember him for his albums Word Jazz and Son...

      House party shuts down


      50 Women In The Blues

      "This is a man's, man's, man's world" proclaimed the godfather of soul, James Brown, whilst rarely ever acknowledging that this renowned anthem was co-written by his former girlfriend, Betty...

      JJ 04/91: David Murray – Spirituals

      Many of the heads on this sister set to last year's Ballads provide just the kind of old world charm predicted by the title. But in the solo sections,...

      Billy Bang: Lucky Man

      This film follows violinist Billy Bang as he returns to Vietnam in 2008, where he served as a young soldier 40 years earlier, and from which the experiences, including...

      Small-screen swing