Nightports: w/Betamax

Susan Tobocman: Touch & Go

Eva Kruse: New Legend

Thor De Force: The Build

Sean Noonan: Drumavox

Oiro Pena: 2

James Copus: Dusk

Nucleons: Hunting Waves


Rossy-Su-Girod 3 Trios: Who Cares?

Rossy's impressive CV includes work with Paquito D'Rivera, Brad Mehldau, Mark Turner and Kenny Wheeler. Born in Barcelona in 1964, at times domiciled in Boston and New...

Jack Purvis: a jazz cat with at least nine lives

Jack Purvis was a remarkably gifted musician who led an astonishing life. Unfortunately, trying to trace his life is like stumbling blindfold through a minefield. Purvis’s life...

Save this priceless jazz video collection

In the first days of VHS machines I purchased an early model (around 1976). As all that was commercially available at the time were gardening programmes I...

Lovely Guarnieri

Obituary: Ken Nordine

Jazz Transatlantic Vol II: Jazz Derivatives And Developments In Twentieth-Century Africa

Gerhard Kubik's magisterial, groundbreaking study comprises two simultaneously published volumes, the product of nearly 60 years' fieldwork by this doyen of ethnomusicology. Volume...

JJ 12/89: Miles Davis – Aura

Miles and a Big Band? Sketches of Denmark? An unreleased masterpiece designed to restore Miles' flagging reputation? Well, yes, no and not likely is the answer, the...

Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things

“And then there is Ella, about whom critics have surprisingly little to say, other than to state that she is the ultimate jazz singer or to denigrate...