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      Mayita Dinos: The Garden Is My Stage

      Mayita Dinos had been singing for years before releasing her debut album the Garden Is My Stage in May. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Queens, and having been...

      mu:n: Fabrics


      Don Joseph, jazz poet /1

      The reputation of trumpeter Don Joseph (1923-1994) now depends on the slimmest of discographies. These performances reveal a technically fluent soloist with a disarmingly fragile lyrical quality reminiscent of...

      Music with frontiers


      Still Clinging to the Wreckage 11/19

      “I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for those who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’”. – Bob Newhart. “I play...

      Not enough Europe


      Universal Tonality: The Life And Music Of William Parker

      If an antidote to apathy consists of work and proselytizing, then bassist, composer, bandleader, activist and organiser William Parker embodies that antidote. Cisco Bradley has achieved much in simply...

      The Look Of Jazz


      JJ 01/60: Nat Gonella – Salute To Satchmo

      Nat Gonella's jazz comes from a time before the intellectuals got in, when it was still part of the ordinary entertain­ment industry with no pretensions to grandeur. He has...

      Green Book

      Fifty-six years after LBJ officially ended racial discrimination in the USA with the pen-stroke that signed the Civil Rights Act, the years immediately preceding February 1964 are still being...