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      Poogie Bell Band: Exhibition Continues

      Drummer Poogie Bell has built up an extensive musical CV, not just with his own band but also as a sideman for the likes of Marcus Miller, Erykah Badu,...

      Various: We Like Ike


      Jazz: what a difference ney makes

      “I was able to dig deeper than before into my musical heritage” says bass guitarist Shez Raja of his current CD Tales From The Punjab, which was recorded in...

      Lance Liddle: finding jazz

      It's always interesting how we "old-timers" got into the music. For me, it was what American writer Edward Allen Faine describes in his books as Serendipity - or chance. In...

      Obituary: Ed Bickert

      Count Me In 11/20


      50 Women In The Blues

      "This is a man's, man's, man's world" proclaimed the godfather of soul, James Brown, whilst rarely ever acknowledging that this renowned anthem was co-written by his former girlfriend, Betty...

      JJ 12/60: Earl Hines – Earl’s Pearls

      Readers who know the value of a good thing will keep their back numbers of this Journal, and thus can save them­selves further reading. This record was noted at...


      In the late 1940s the first wave of World War II novels began to appear. The positives were that the authors had actually served in the armed forces, allowed...