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James Booker: Classified

Recorded and released in 1982 on the Rounder Records label, this reissue is on 180-gram vinyl with the original LP sleeve design. Booker...

Pete Christlieb: A tenor for all seasons /2

Continued from last month...Among the many who have validated Pete's very personal sound is Warne Marsh. At their first meeting on a rehearsal of the Clare Fischer...

Alun Morgan’s writing was an ‘indispensable companion’

Jazz Journal readers will be saddened by the death of Alun Morgan. As an obituarist noted, "Alan’s articles and sleeve notes served as an indispensable companion to...

The Geography Of Jazz

The Geography Of Jazz is collection of poems by Lenard D. Moore. Moore is an acclaimed poet, author and founder of the Carolina...

Free Jazz Communism

JJ 05/69: Colosseum at Wood Green Jazz Club

At least one of the progressive pop groups should be of interest to readers of this magazine. In the course of one session at Wood Green Jazz...

The Frank Sinatra Show with Ella Fitzgerald

This TV show, made 10 December 1959 for the ABC Television network, was intended as an outside broadcast but fell on a rare rainy day in Palm...