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      Evan Christopher, David Torkanowsky: Live At Luthjen’s

      Excelling on clarinet from the age of 11, Evan Christopher went on to study music and graduated at the California State University, moving to New Orleans in the 90s...

      Rosie Frater-Taylor: rolling up Benson, Mitchell and more

      “I don’t like labels because labelling fights your urge to just make music the way you want to,” asserts fast-rising London singer-songwriter and guitarist Rosie Frater-Taylor, whose music, whatever...

      Notes played, bills & dues paid

      “I’m tired of competition. I’m tired of tearing around making money . . . I wanted to find peace of mind.” (1) Let’s not hear it for the cutting contest anymore,...

      Obituary: Barry Harris

      Life Through The Eyes Of A Jazz Journalist – Scott Yanow

      Mr Yanow's jazz memoirs include long interviews with Freddie Hubbard, Maynard Ferguson and Chick Corea and a portrait of Roland Kirk

      JJ 01/62: Art Blakey – A Night In Tunisia

      People who like Art Blakey and loud drum solos will enjoy this record. So far as my personal taste is concerned, the opener would have been better titled "Nightmare...

      Billy Cobham: Jazz Legends, Live At The Palais Des Festivals Hall, Cannes 1989

      Despite the sighting of two mullets and a mix dominated by a synth sound you would associate with Spandau Ballet, this 45-minute show from 30 years ago dates well...

      A Man Called Adam