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Various: A Song Is Born OST

Premiered in New York In October 1948, A Song Is Born was greeted with only moderate acclaim despite technicolor, production costs of nearly three million dollars, and...
Kenny Werner. Photo by Konstantin Kern

Kenny Werner: in praise of detachment

Kenny Werner’s 2018 solo album The Space was a work of striking lyricism and improvisational inventiveness. The album’s title was of great significance for Werner: it alluded...

Obituary: Bill Smith

Clarinettist and composer Bill Smith, or William Overton Smith to give him his full name, was best known as a member of the octet which the pianist...


Make It New: Reshaping Jazz In The 21st Century

Bill Beuttler's interesting and timely book, in its format at least, is a 21st-century counterpart of Joe Goldberg's Jazz Masters Of The 1950s, published in 1965. Both...

JJ 01/69: Wayne Shorter – Adam’s Apple

Wayne Shorter is a bitch. A beautiful, complete player who since joining Miles has passed beyond his Coltrane phase, to a wholly personal sound and style. He...

Norah Jones: Live at Ronnie Scott’s

Jones’s Come Away With Me album was a great example of highly effective music marketing, using what might seem like the most unlikely of techniques - selling...