Obituary: Carol Fredette

      Obituary: Freddie Redd

      Count Me In 02/21

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      Evan Christopher, David Torkanowsky: Live At Luthjen’s

      Excelling on clarinet from the age of 11, Evan Christopher went on to study music and graduated at the California State University, moving to New Orleans in the 90s...
      Vic Lewis, 1948

      Jazz and cricket: unlikely companions /2

      When Al Jennings travelled to Port of Spain in 1945 to recruit musicians for his Caribbean All-Star Orchestra, he returned to London with trumpeter Wilfred “Pankey” Alleyne. After several...

      Count Me In 11/20

      Never under-estimate a codger's willingness to embrace new technology. Spotify is not a skin complaint, nor is streaming the result of an urinary tract obliged to function beyond its...

      Obituary: Harold Mabern


      50 Women In The Blues

      "This is a man's, man's, man's world" proclaimed the godfather of soul, James Brown, whilst rarely ever acknowledging that this renowned anthem was co-written by his former girlfriend, Betty...

      JJ 10/79: A Weekend With Wellins

      The concert was the prelude to the first Jazz Study Weekend to be held at Christ's Hospital, that famous school near Horsham. All praise to the Artistic Director who,...

      Up From The Streets – New Orleans: The City Of Music

      “The street has the beat; and the beat embodies the rhythm; and the rhythm embodies the culture.” Jazz drummer Herlin Riley’s insight into the connection between music and New...