Obituary: David Fraser

      Obituary: Bob Hammer

      Familiarity breeds…

      Count me in… 01/22

      Obituary: Slide Hampton

      Obituary: Dave Frishberg

      Obituary: Peter Ind

      Obituary: George Mraz


      Various: Soho Scene ’59-’60 – Jazz Goes Mod

      A four-CD compilation aimed at conjuring up the atmosphere of Soho at a time when modern jazz was its fashionable background music. Or, to put it slightly more accurately,...

      Jeff Parker: Forfolks


      Mike Clark, the Oakland Groove behind Herbie, Chet and Charlie Brown /1

      For those hip to post-bop, fusion or 70s jazz-funk, drummer Mike Clark needs no introduction. His grooves can be heard on some of the most important records of the...

      Improvisation and discovery

      Improvisation - a destination arrived at by many musicians via different routes and by different modes of transport, musicians arriving via jazz, classical, folk, African, Asian and many other...

      Obituary: Harry Colomby

      The Inconvenient Lonnie Johnson

      Author, musician and academic Julia Simon argues the case in her book that Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson is inconvenient for scholars for a variety of reasons; not least of which...

      JJ 02/81: Zila, The Africa Centre, London

      Zila's music is a three-way fusion that seems to comprise in equal part, jazz, rock and Zhosa folk music, but most of all it has the explosive power of...

      Billy Cobham: Jazz Legends, Live At The Palais Des Festivals Hall, Cannes 1989

      Despite the sighting of two mullets and a mix dominated by a synth sound you would associate with Spandau Ballet, this 45-minute show from 30 years ago dates well...

      In Cold Blood