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Andy Hamilton began his journalistic career with The Wire in 1985, when Richard Cook, a school friend of his, became editor. He later wrote for Jazz Review, which Richard Cook founded and edited. He has subsequently written for Classic CD, International Piano and Jazz Journal, none of which Richard Cook was involved in. His day job is teaching philosophy at Durham University, UK. His books include Lee Konitz: Conversations on the Improviser's Art, which grew out of interviews with Konitz for The Wire and Jazz Review, and Aesthetics and Music; both titles appeared in 2007. He is a jazz pianist who needs to practise more.

Moers Festival 2023

Mu Quintet: Summit 


Tenderlonious: You Know I Care

London saxman turns from originals to postbop classics and from soprano to alto in a set that salutes Wayne Shorter, Eric Dolphy and others

What’s wrong with easy listening?

Mr. P.C. has his charms. For one thing, he is relaxed, almost preternaturally so. 'Como doesn't just sing behind the beat, he makes you feel he has yet to...

Count me in… 01/23

Stuff is constantly changing but it's hard to tell how significant anything is until a vast amount of time has passed

Obituary: Barry Harris

Alt. takes 01/19

Gerry Mulligan: Writings On A Jazz Original

The former drummer with Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day and others has assembled into a book 52 articles illuminating Mulligan's work and life

Prehistory Of Jazz

JJ 01/82: Cecil Taylor Unit at the Roundhouse, London

To the ear trained exclusively in tradi­tional harmony, Taylor's music might seem chaotic and confusing; it is unashamedly atonal and metrically uninhibited, frequently brash and unsenti­mental. Even more than...

Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things

“And then there is Ella, about whom critics have surprisingly little to say, other than to state that she is the ultimate jazz singer or to denigrate her in...