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Growing up with older siblings made Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard etc. my earliest musical memories. So no surprise that a few years later I was sourcing vinyl from any black American blues and R&B artists I could find. Ironically, it was the white blues octogenarian, John Mayall, who sparked my interest in jazz with his “jazz/blues fusion” sessions. Nearly 50 years on and thousand of records later, I haven’t stopped exploring. Whilst I yearned for a musical career - alas, it never happened. However, 40 years as a criminal barrister and judge gave me the discipline to listen carefully before passing judgement. Essential skills for any record critic, you may think!

Eden Bareket: Day Dream

Unusually, it's worthwhile discussing what might be called the conceptual underpinning of this album, because the reflective, almost contemplative air of the programme springs from Bareket's reaction to the...

Wendy Kirkland, the singing pianist

Pianist-singer Wendy Kirkland is consolidating her status as a force in British jazz, especially in the sector populated by "piano divas", the title of the hugely popular début album...

Still Clinging to the Wreckage 07/19

I’ve just acquired the late (he died on 23 February) Ira Gitler’s master work Swing To Bop. It’s a pity I didn’t have it before I wrote the piece...

Count me in… 05/23

Gerry Mulligan: Writings On A Jazz Original

The former drummer with Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day and others has assembled into a book 52 articles illuminating Mulligan's work and life

Prehistory Of Jazz

JJ 07/89: Terje Rypdal – The Singles Collection

After Terje and the Chasers, watch out for Thor and the Thunderbolts . . . Following his previous, rock-inflected Chaser and Blue releases, this iconoclastic Norwegian mounts a further...

JJ 10/59: Wheat from chaff

Bullets and Ballads: Pete Kelly’s Blues

When film music historians discuss the increasing influence of jazz on movie soundtracks through the 1940s and into the 1950s, they usually mention films like The Best Years Of...

A Man Called Adam