Dave Douglas: Marching Music

Douglas describes this as “a new suite of compositions for our moment. I conceived of these pieces as music you could have in your headphones when you attend Climate...

Rosie Frater-Taylor: rolling up Benson, Mitchell and more

“I don’t like labels because labelling fights your urge to just make music the way you want to,” asserts fast-rising London singer-songwriter and guitarist Rosie Frater-Taylor, whose music, whatever...

Obituary: Bill Smith

Clarinettist and composer Bill Smith, or William Overton Smith to give him his full name, was best known as a member of the octet which the pianist Dave Brubeck...

Free Music Production – FMP: The Living Music

American free improvisation linked itself to early jazz, but the European variety rejected the past and arguably was no longer jazz at all

JJ 10/59: In My Opinion – Benny Green

This is one of a series of taped interviews with musicians, who are asked to give a snap opinion on a set of records played to them. Although no...

Motherless Brooklyn

Actor Edward Norton secured the rights to Jonathan Lethern’s best-selling novel Motherless Brooklyn on publication in 1999. Exactly 20 years later he brings it to the screen in the...

Count Basie: Live