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Wadada Leo Smith: Rosa Parks – Pure Love

This extended work, as the title implies, is devoted to Rosa Parks, whose role at the centre of the Montgomery, Alabama bus segregation protest became a beacon of light...

Border crossings: 50 years of ECM Records /3

Many regions and cultural contexts have nourished the imagination of Manfred Eicher. He has long been fascinated by what one might call an “in-between” or nodal play of centres...

Save this priceless jazz video collection

In the first days of VHS machines I purchased an early model (around 1976). As all that was commercially available at the time were gardening programmes I was itching...

Obituary: Duffy Jackson

Count Me In 08/20

Blues From The Delta Avon

There are ordinary books for collectors and there are extraordinary books for collectors. This book surely fits the latter category. This book traces in minute detail the birth of...

Texas Jazz Singer

Play The Way You Feel

JJ 02/59: Shelly Manne And His Men – More Swinging Sounds

No-one can say that Shelly Manne is not appreciated. This poll-winning drummer has come to the fore just because of those qualities some other drummers lack, chief among them...


In the late 1940s the first wave of World War II novels began to appear. The positives were that the authors had actually served in the armed forces, allowed...

Jazz On A Summer’s Day