Noise In Your Eye: Noise In Your Eye

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"With a great personnel line-up, it’s a choice record for the prog-jazz enthusiast – and a worthy finale for Keith Tippett"

Noise In Your Eye – the duo of Daniel Pennie and Adrian Chivers – have assembled a very impressive ensemble for their self-titled debut, including a number of significant figures in the history of British prog: Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Michael Giles (King Crimson) and the late Keith Tippett (Centipede, Mujician).

As such, Noise In Your Eye is rich in cinematic ambience. The compositions of Pennie and Chivers combine improvisations from Tippett and saxophonist James Gardener-Bateman over expansive soundscapes, with rock grooves, dark synths, and haunting strings (from Tiit Kikas on violin and Caroline Dale on cello). The influence of its prog contributors is apparent, and hints of King Crimson and late Floyd can be heard clearly throughout.


A personal favourite is the disturbed and jaunty funk of Zombie Johnson. As guitar, sax, trumpet and piano seem to battle for the solo spotlight, there’s enough going on musically to keep the listener engaged.

This holds true for much of the album. If there’s anything Noise In Your Eye is lacking, it’s not detail. With a great personnel line-up, it’s a choice record for the prog-jazz enthusiast – and a worthy finale for Keith Tippett.

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Limbo Lines; Sinking Turtle House; Scent; Pink Neon; Limits of Control; Zombie Johnson; NTT; 44 Steps; Touch the Water; The Dark Spot (57.59)
Daniel Pennie (g); Adrian Chivers (elec); Keith Tippett (p); Michael Giles (d); Nick Mason (d); Ian Matthews (d); Caroline Dale (clo); James Gardener-Bateman (as); Tiit Kikas (vn); Arnie Somogyi (b); Flash George P Gordon, Simon Little (elb); Dan Reid (t); Tanya Wells (v). No recording information given.
NoiseInYourEyeRecords NIYE 001

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"With a great personnel line-up, it’s a choice record for the prog-jazz enthusiast – and a worthy finale for Keith Tippett"Noise In Your Eye: Noise In Your Eye