Gratkowski-Nabatov-Mahnig: Dance Hall Stories


Firstly it should be made clear there is no dance music of any description to be had on this free-improv release, the tenuous link to a dance hall being the number of possible experiences the attendee can glean from such a visit.

The nature of the music changes very little between the duo or trio format, being wholly typical of so much of the Leo label output – in other words those devoted to its philosophy will be pleased by this addition to the roster whilst others will look elsewhere.

There is no doubting the pedigree of the three musicians present for they deliver a thoughtful landscape within their chosen field, energy levels very high at times but never forsaking more subdued moments to give a welcome contrast.

Gratkowski is particularly impressive on all his instruments, stretching registers to the extreme, his bass clarinet work which adorns Wrong Move Reflected being a chosen highlight.

If people still like to refer to this music as extremely avant-garde, hence being unapproachable, that’s fine, but this is the thinking man’s end of the spectrum.

(1) Hopeful Glances; Wrong Move Reflected; (2) It’s All In The Hips; (1) Slinky; (2) Gradual Enticement; (1) Sitting One Out; (2) Cautious Invitation; Pocket Found (48.14)
(1) Frank Gratkowski (as, cl, bcl, f); Simon Nabatov (p). Cologne, 11 April 2017. (2) as (1) but add Dominik Mahnig (d).
Leo CDLR880