The Supreme Court: The Supreme Vibe

Danish project possibly features good jazz soloists but is dominated by high-quality soul, hip-hop, rap and R&B vocals


The debut by The Supreme Court (not that one) is a project that brings together a whole host of guest musicians from the Danish soul, hip-hop and R&B scenes.

The Supreme Vibe relies pretty heavily on the strength of these featured artists, the majority of whom are vocalists. The core ensemble is a Copenhagen-based quartet composed of Jonathan Rahbaek (bass guitar), Johannes Wamberg (guitar), Jacob Broholm (keyboard) and Andreas Fryland (drums).

While the quartet provides a funky rhythmic backbone for the most part, the centre stage is occupied by musicians such as R&B singer Patrick Dorgan, the Agami brothers – rappers Kuku, Joseph and Al – and Bette, whose soft wispy vocals on the nu-soul Hjem are a personal highlight.

This is all good stuff, and fans of nu-jazz/rap crossovers have a lot to like (perhaps finding also an introduction to Denmark’s underground scene and up-and-comers), though others might find it wanting of more interesting instrumentals and solos, which are here limited to a handful of short interlude tracks.

5/4; The Oooh Yeah; AM Roots; The Feeling I Get When…; Hjem; Bird Seed; Dots; Circumstantial Rant; The Supreme Vibe; Passing Moments; Lille Liv; Everything (37.05)
Johannes Wamberg (g); Jacob Broholm (syn); Jonathan Rahbaek (elb); Andreas Fryland (d). Additional musicians include Jonas Due (t, flh); Oilly Wallace (as); Ronald Elm Larsen (ts); Pelle von Bülow (g); E. Brown, Kuku Agami, Bette, Patrick Dorgan, Joseph Agami (v). Denmark, c.2022.
APR Records APR095CD