Strangelet Trio & Leo Abrahams: Moments Of Presence 

Much darkness and brooding from the Anglo-Russian combo, likely to excite or at least attract attention from the doom-jazz faction


The avant-garde Tomsk-based Strangelet Trio are here joined by accomplished English guitarist Leo Abrahams (whose career has seen him work on a number of projects, including David Byrne and Brian Eno’s Everything That Happens Will Happen Today as well as a number of film soundtracks).

Moments of Presence, recorded live during Abrahams’ tour of Russia in November of 2019, consists of three long drawn-out tracks, each of which explore a number of sonic ideas and textures.

It’s a heavily experimental record, steeped in acoustic and electronic ambience, much of which is dark and brooding – from gritty bass lines to repeated guitar and piano motifs. Fans of the rather niche sub-genre of “doom jazz” might well find themselves at home here.

Deeper Breath; Dolphin Man; Into The Air (57.18)
Abrahams (elg, elec); Yuri Turov (elg, elec); Alisa Efromeeva (p, kyb); Wadim Dicke (b). Aelita, Tomsk, Russia, 23 November 2019.
akt-produkt 46