Laurie Morgan in pictures

    An evocative follow-up to Simon Morgan's obituary on the versatile drummer and general musical all-rounder

    Laurie Morgan's Elevated Music in 1950, with Stan Tracey (p), Lenny Harrison (b), Len Conway (ts), Wizard Simmons (t), Laurie (d), & Chico Eyo (bgo)

    It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Laurie Morgan. As has been said, he was a leading figure in the history of British jazz and a lovely man. Readers might like to recall the film of the Club 11 Reunion, which features Laurie and even includes a clip of his wife, Betty.

    Readers might also like to see these early photos of Laurie, photographer unknown, which the late Jim Godbolt (who edited the Jazz At Ronnie Scott’s house magazine at the time of the making of the film) passed on to me.
    Matthew Wright

    Joe Burns (p), Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton (t, who went on to play with Georgie Fame), Wally Wright (b) and Laurie Morgan (d). Taken around 1961 at the Mandrake
    Laurie Morgan and Flash Winston