Cambridge University Jazz Club?


    I was a regular reader of the print version of JJ (later JJI) but since moving to Australia 22 years ago I have rather lost touch with the journal and the UK jazz scene in general. However, I am glad to have discovered JJ’s online reincarnation.

    Coincidently, I have just embarked on research for a history of the Cambridge University Jazz Club, purportedly started in one form or another in the 1940s and wound up in 1977. It spawned the likes of Colin Purbrook, Art Themen, Dave Gelly, Dick Heckstall-Smith, John Cameron and Daryl Runswick.

    I was secretary then president of the club between 1971 and 1973 and have approached a number of people who were involved over the years; from them I have had nothing but enthusiasm about the project.

    In order to cast my net wider, would you assist in publishing an appeal for anyone involved with the CUJC or the wider Cambridge scene over the 40 years – club officials, members, players and fans – who are willing pass on their memories?

    I would gratefully to receive any responses by email. With thanks and ever hopeful.
    Philip Etherington
    Perth, Australia