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Brian Payne was born in Manchester and raised in Cheshire. He graduated in English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia and was employed for a while as a technical editor for a publishing company. He then changed direction and after obtaining applied social science qualifications at LSE and Birmingham University he worked in social services and later managed local authority provision in London for 20 years. He was later employed in the Information Commissioner’s Office to investigate and write decisions concerning the withholding of public information. Perhaps the most edifying of these was ordering the release and publication of MPs’ expense claims that had been withheld by the House of Commons. Over the years Brian has written about and photographed live jazz performance in a variety of settings. Some of his work can be seen at

Aguankó: Unidad


The EJT: Gastronomy Astrology

Its detractors will describe all jazz as “light music”, refusing to distinguish light from serious as so-called classical music does. Fats Waller, Slim Gaillard, Mose Allison, Blossom Dearie and...

AMM: Industria

Mo Foster: touching just about all basses

In Concert by Mo Foster & Friends, who include guitarist Ray Russell and saxophonist Chris Biscoe, is not only a musical triumph but a triumph for Foster’s persistence. “It...

Still Clinging To The Wreckage 06/22

"Why do you marry all these beautiful women?" the lady interviewer said to Artie Shaw, veteran of eight such marriages. "Do you think I should marry ugly ones?" he asked. Shaw...

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Gerry Mulligan: Writings On A Jazz Original

The former drummer with Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day and others has assembled into a book 52 articles illuminating Mulligan's work and life

Prehistory Of Jazz

JJ 06/72: The NYJO at the Shaw Theatre

Over the last few years many fine musicians have emerged from the ranks of the National Jazz Youth Orchestra; Bob Sydor, Paul Nieman, Geoff Castle and Stan Sulzmann spring...


In the late 1940s the first wave of World War II novels began to appear. The positives were that the authors had actually served in the armed forces, allowed...

The Humbler – Danny Gatton