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Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Unplayed, All My Treasures had already met the first of my criteria - good-to-great material. In fact it boasts a songstack to stimulate and breathe new...

Jimmy Webb: ‘I love chords, and so do jazz musicians’

Something connects Jimmy Webb, writer of such intriguing pop songs as Wichita Lineman and MacArthur Park with jazz. In their original form his tunes often sound closer...

Jazz in review: 2019

Still Clinging to the Wreckage 12/19

The coffee lounge of Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel is designed to strike awe into all but cabinet ministers and the most eminently U. But in...

Alt. takes 09/19

Make It New: Reshaping Jazz In The 21st Century

Bill Beuttler's interesting and timely book, in its format at least, is a 21st-century counterpart of Joe Goldberg's Jazz Masters Of The 1950s, published in 1965. Both...

JJ 04/60: Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue

My advice is to rush out and buy this disc immediately. It is one of the best jazz discs I have heard so far this year. For...

Joe Louis Walker: Viva Las Vegas Live

Joe Louis Walker came to Las Vegas, strapped on his guitar, plugged in and blasted the desert city with a set chock-full of high-energy electric blues –...