While it’s good that you are continuing in virtual form I still miss the monthly print fix – having started (at a young age I might add) in 1966 that addiction is difficult to overcome!

    The next best would be a monthly or even weekly email newsletter which would provide a reason to access and browse the site. The US publication Jazz Times has done this for several years and although I also subscribe to the still functioning print version I go straight to items of interest  when they appear on their newsletter (confession – don’t always reread the same items in the print magazine – oh well).

    My point is that a regular newsletter provides an impetus to go to the site and explore all the many other items of interest hiding away there. You mentioned back in December that a newsletter was planned but have heard/seen nothing further. Or have I missed something ?

    I should add that I would be happy to take a paid subscription – perhaps with added benefits ? – after all I and many others no doubt happily shelled out for the print edition over many a year.
    Mike Vawdrey

    The editor replies: Thanks for the reminder Mike. You’re absolutely right – the newsletter is still in gestation, and you’ve given me the impetus to do it for the autumn. Your sub idea is very pertinent – while many have donated we could do with a few more. I am almost certain to test a paywall in the autumn – where you may see titles, a bit of each article then be asked to subscribe for more.

    Meantime, the Latest Articles section top left is the easiest way to see the latest postings, and on clicking the Latest Articles logo the whole of 2019 is available in date order. More or less every day new reviews are posted and going to the Reviews drop down in the top blue nav bar will take you to the audio, film, book or whatever list you wish.