Frank opinions on jazz


    Thought this might be pertinent to Bob Lamb’s letter…

    Further to Bob Lamb’s reference to Dave Taylor’s letter (OSL, JJ December 2018) on Zappa’s jazz (Letters, JJ, Feb 28 2019) I totally agree that a full-blown article on this remarkable musician, composer and iconoclast would be most welcome.

    However, in the meantime, readers might want to get their hands on Geoff Wills’ brilliant paperback Zappa and Jazz – Did It Really Smell Funny Frank? (Matador, 2015) which, within its 170 pages covers pretty much everything in which the worlds of Zappa and jazz collided.

    Roger Farbey, London

    The editor replies: I’m happy to report Geoff Wills has written a piece on Zappa and jazz which will be published shortly.