Remembering Bob Efford


    Reading Gordon Jack’s very good obituary for Bob Efford I was reminded that I saw Bob a few times in the UK (with Heath, I think) while the last time was in the US. This was in 1980 and was at Carmelo’s in North Hollywood.

    I heard him at Carmelo’s on three nights, one with Bill Berry’s big band, one a benefit night where just about everybody wandered in (and sometimes sat in), and the third was when Bob led his own small group.

    I believe that this was the first time he had fronted a band at this venue (which, back then, was the “in” place). I recall that he played just about every saxophone known to man as well as clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flute and cor anglais.

    Also there was Bob’s first wife, Joan (also an ex-pat Brit), who sang with the band. Both Joan and his second wife, Bertie, pre-deceased him. Good memories if saddened by his passing.
    Bruce Crowther