JJ 12/59: Joe Harriott – Blue Harriott

First published in Jazz Journal December 1959


An excellent local record. It is my guess that it stands a very good chance of featuring in next year’s list of poll choices. Joe Harriott’s alto is fluent and decisive and Hank Shaw’s trumpet and the piano of Harry South are uniformly excellent.

Above all, this is a real group which is making something worthwhile, far above the flashy tech­nical exercises which often pass for modern jazz.

The two blues tracks, first on each side, are the more interesting of the set, but there is good material also on the up-tempo tunes.
Graham Boatfield

Senor Blues; Still Gooffin’ – Count Twelve; Jumpin’ With Joe
Joe Harriott (alt); Hank Shaw (tpt); Harry South (p); Coleridge Goode (bs); Bob Orr (d).
Columbia SEG 7939. EP. 10s. 7½d