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Obituary: Stanley Crouch

Obituary: Dick Bank

Obituary: Simon Fell

Alt. takes 06/20

Obituary: Don Weller


Diana Torti w. Sabino de Bari: On a Cloud

It was a relief to open the gatefold halfway through listening to this and encountering the name of Jeanne Lee, since that is exactly what I had...

Jack Purvis: a jazz cat with at least nine lives

Jack Purvis was a remarkably gifted musician who led an astonishing life. Unfortunately, trying to trace his life is like stumbling blindfold through a minefield. Purvis’s life...

Obituary: Bucky Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli’s long life and illustrious career ended abruptly on 1 April 2020 in Saddle River, New Jersey, when he died a few days after testing positive...

Hagood happening

Jazz Transatlantic Vol II: Jazz Derivatives And Developments In Twentieth-Century Africa

Gerhard Kubik's magisterial, groundbreaking study comprises two simultaneously published volumes, the product of nearly 60 years' fieldwork by this doyen of ethnomusicology. Volume...

JJ 05/60: Lightly & Politely

686 - CRUX CRITICORUM In the fifth (1960) "Down Beat Year­book", under the novel heading "Quo Vadis?", there is a discussion by "three good men and true"...

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes

For jazz enthusiasts of my vintage and persuasion, Blue Note was the modern jazz label. (Partisans of Prestige, Atlantic, Esquire, Riverside et al may disagree.) In recent...