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Amund Kleppan: Venture

A European union of talents is alive and very well on this album by a multi-national band, led by the young Berlin-based Norwegian drummer Kleppan. As well as being...

Roz Harding: are people listening, or seeing?

Reviewing a concert by Mike Westbrook’s Uncommon Orchestra for the JJ website in April 2016 I singled out a young alto player from the hugely talented pan-generational personnel. The...

‘Mike Osborne took a path I could never really get excited about’

My father ran a butcher's shop in Hereford and the family lived in a flat above the shop. Diagonally across the road was a ladies' hairdresser's run by a...

Jazz on stream

The Rhythm Changes Guide

This is a very useful new guide to playing rhythm changes in jazz by Lukas Gabric, a semi-finalist in the 2013 Thelonious Monk Competition and a member of the...

JJ 01/71: British Jazzmen, No. 6 – John Surman

It is one of the paradoxes of today's music that the more advanced or 'far out' styles are not necessarily more difficult to listen to. Indeed several avant-garde players...

Billy Cobham: Jazz Legends, Live At The Palais Des Festivals Hall, Cannes 1989

Despite the sighting of two mullets and a mix dominated by a synth sound you would associate with Spandau Ballet, this 45-minute show from 30 years ago dates well...