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Giovanni Guidi: Avec Le Temps

Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi’s fourth set for ECM finds him expanding his usual trio to a quintet with the addition of saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti and guitarist Robert...

Paul Booth: Travel Sketches


Jessica Radcliffe talks about Remembrance

Tell us about your family, musical, educational background - birthdate, place. Is music in the family? How did you come to sing? Do play other instruments? Did...

Jimmy Bryant: Inside Story

On the Other Hand 03/19

The Daily Telegraph's Saturday Review is rightly praised for the quality of its literary pages. The reviews are generally so lively and well written that you can enjoy them regardless of the views expressed...

Nice day for Al Grey

Make It New: Reshaping Jazz In The 21st Century

Bill Beuttler's interesting and timely book, in its format at least, is a 21st-century counterpart of Joe Goldberg's Jazz Masters Of The 1950s, published in 1965. Both...

JJ 02/69: Mike Westbrook at Red Lion Square, London

The third of six projected concerts in Red Lion Square, WC1, presented by the London Jazz Centre Society under the collective title 'Jazz is Alive and Well'...

Count Basie: Live

The “Atomic” Basie band made frequent tours of the UK, Europe and Scandinavia in the 1960s and this one captures it at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi,...