Jeremy Isaac

Jeremy Isaac
Jeremy is a music, film and TV journalist who has worked for 30 years on mass-market media and lifestyle magazines ranging from TV Times and What's On TV through NME and Uncut to Country Life, How To Spend It and Boat International. He has also contributed to several music titles including Jazz Journal, The Jazz Rag, Folk Roots, The Guitar Magazine, Music Week, Country Music, Vintage Rock, R'nR, Shindig! and Country Music People, as well as editing Country Music International in the late 1990s. Jeremy enjoys classic movies (especially Westerns and 1930s gangster flicks), Golden Age TV dramas from the 1960s to the 1980s and Nordic Noir thrillers. He appreciates most genres of music from classical and film soundtracks through blues, R&B and jazz (Red Nichols, Miff Mole, Native American singer Mildred Bailey and jazz diva Kandace Springs are favourites) to 1960s psychedelia, rock, reggae, country, folk and Celtic music. Jeremy lives in Kent with his wife Debbie.

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