Jonny Mansfield Quartet at The Verdict

Brian O'Connor began the New Year with a visit to Brighton and a lively set from vibist Jonny Mansfield and his quartet

The Jonny Mansfield Quartet at The Verdict, Brighton in January 2024. Clockwise from top left: Mansfield, Will Barry, Luke McCarthy, Will Sach. Photos © Brian O'Connor

First gig of the new year for me, and also for The Verdict. What a start! The award winning Jonny Mansfield with his trio of accomplices, playing only their second gig together as a unit, acted as if they were a seasoned unit.

Performing mainly compositions by Jonny, from his previous recordings and upcoming CD, the evening was a rousing success. Luke McCarthy on drums – a total newcomer to me and still studying at the Royal Academy – was quite a revelation. Combining that with the known talents of Wills Barry and Sach, this was a group that was, as they say, going places.

Talking of going places, their first gig was in Leicester on the Thursday, then Brighton on the Friday, followed by Shrewsbury on Saturday. They’re certainly getting around. Meanwhile, let’s trust that The Verdict will continue with its first-class bookings.

Jonny Mansfield Quartet at The Verdict, Brighton, Friday 12 January 2024: Jonny Mansfield (vib); Will Barry (p); Will Sach (b); Luke McCarthy (d).