Jan Felix May: Red Messiah


This album is reminiscent of numerous rock/pop influenced piano/synth-led albums from the late 1980s and 1990s, but there’s also a sense that it provides something of a 2018 take on a previously well-worn format.

It’s at least as much about synthesizers as the piano, as they provide both textural accompaniment to the piano and lead sounds as required.

Unlike some releases of this type, the occasional vocals don’t seem like a token gesture – e.g., “May Love”, featuring vocalist Torun Eriksen, with leader May in nicely fluent side-slipping form on his piano solo.

Slightly long overall, but well worth a listen.

Lukas Roos (elg, g); Eduardo Sabella (elb, b); Julian Camargo (d, g); Kerstin Haberecht (ss, as); Torun Eriksen (v); Christian Brückner (v); Amber Lin (v); Franzi Aller (elb); May (p, syn, v). Paris, 2016.
Jazzline N77056