DogOn: Floater

Guitar-led Swiss power trio produces wider stylistic variation than one might imagine its circumscribed line-up would allow


Exploring the varied realms of modern music and rejecting stylistic boundaries, DogOn present a striking sound world on their latest album Floater.

The Swiss power trio consists of lead guitarist Eric Hunziker, drummer Tobias Hunziker and bassist Thomas Tavano. While the supporting musicians are skilful, Hunziker’s diverse guitar playing stands out. Through tracks such as Hidden Room, which features a steady beat and simple bass line, the timbral possibilities of the electric guitar are explored. Hunziker also creatively leads his band in multiple stylistic directions including improvisation mixed with soft rock and funk mixed with dubbing.

However, there is a price to pay when it comes to this stylistic experimentation. In Carbon Chauvinist, for example, there appears to be a lack of stylistic and melodic coherence. Transitions between different themes could be smoother and less sudden, and I think what is needed is subtler melodic changes. This would make for more unified compositions and then the listening experience might better reflect the publicist’s claim that we can float through the music. I’d say that at the moment the listener is more “jumping” through the pieces.

While Floater does demonstrate careful and skilful improvisation in numbers such as Shutter Cutter, one may get the impression that the musicians are holding back, and that perhaps more melodic, textural and improvisatory climaxes could be reached.

However, although they don’t create a completely unified and fulfilling journey, one cannot deny DogOn’s talent and creativity. Those wishing to be transported into a world where the guitar is used as a vehicle for stylistic change (albeit perhaps not coherent change) should listen to Floater.

Floater; Carbon Chauvinist; Hidden Room; Shutter Cutter; Priester; Pork Cheek; Devil’s Choice; Phone Breaker; Dashashwamedh Ghat; When We Feel (47.00)
Eric Hunziker (g); Thomas Tavano (b); Tobias Hunziker (d). Austria, 15 January 2021.
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