Christine Hitt: Magical Kite


The title track’s a pretty original, with a very personal story. A lot of the rest was arranged by Geoff Keezer and sits well for Hitt’s not-very-big range. She manages a bebop line on “Yardbird Suite”, which maybe ought to have gone first, rather than a so-so “Wade in the Water”, which fades out awkwardly at the end.

There’s an Eric Hitt on bass, who seems to be her son – he’s good – and a Cory Hitt does backing vocals on the title track. But it doesn’t feel like homemade product. I’d say she has a pop/rock rather than a jazz voice. A Stevie Wonder song doesn’t come off, but one by James Taylor really does, which might tell you something. A nice set, with some top-drawer playing.

Hitt (v); Bob Sheppard (as); Geoffrey Kezer (p); Jeff Hamilton (d). Hollywood, CA, June 2017.