JJ 04/63: Buddy Rich – Playtime

Sixty years ago Sinclair Traill was surprised to hear such swing from flute, guitar and vibes, and astounded by Mainieri on the latter. First published in Jazz Journal April 1963


Looking at the instrumentation one would hardly expect the hard-swinging, exciting music that one finds here. Rich’s wonderful drumming drives the session at headlong pace, and there is some astounding vibes playing from Mainieri. Most and Wynne also do their part nobly.

Normally I am not mad on the flute as a jazz instrument, but if I may be allowed to say so Sam makes the most of it – this tone sounds right for jazz and he plays a long, most inventive and highly humorous solo on “Cheek”.

Buddy keeps his solos to a minimum, but some of his breaks are really breathtaking. “Marbles” is an amusing new “original”, but the composer of “Playtime” should be ashamed of him­self – undiluted plagiarism!

On the two tracks on which he is included Goldie plays excellently. All-in-all a highly enjoyable album.

(a) Lulu’s Back In Town; (b) Playtime; (a) Will You Still Be Mine; (a) Fascinating Rhythm (20 min) – (a) Making Whoopee; (b) Marbles; (a) Misty; (a) Cheek To Cheek (20 min)
(a) Buddy Rich (d); Mike Mainieri (vbs); Sam Most (flt); Wilbur Wynne (g); Richard Evans (bs). Chicago, 3 & 4/10/60.
(b) Same. Don Goldie (tpt) added.
(Pye NJL 46 l2inLP 30s. 7d.)