Navigating the new


    After countless years of collecting my JJ from the paper shop, I was very sorry to see it’s demise as a physical publication, and become a magazine for the computer age.

    Having said that I have begun to find my way around the internet, to read JJ.  I do approve on the format, but would like to make a couple of observations, please?

    I could not find anywhere, information of when items, reviews etc are added to the website. How long does each item remain? I don’t think I can log on every day, just to see what’s new there. If all the records for review were held in one  block, and then removed for the next month’s collection, that would allow me to sort out a system when I could know that I am looking at a new month’s collection.

    The other point relates to the actual pages that come up under Audio Reviews. Could you not find room to indicate the name of the reviewer under the record title, on that first page? In the past, on receipt of the magazine, I would always scan through the reviews, to see the name of the reviewers. I would always look first to see what records Derek Ansell had reviewed!!

    As always, keep up all the good work. Best wishes.

    Roger Krume (A reader every month since 1964 !!!)

    The editor replies: Hello, Roger – good point. You’re an ideal candidate for our forthcoming newsletter. A panel or link will appear soon on the site inviting you to subscribe to an email newsletter containing lists of newly published articles.

    Everything will remain forever but get filed eventually by month under Library. The other way of only reading new stuff is to watch the Audio Reviews panel on the front page or click in the navbar for Audio Reviews. In both cases the latest reviews are always at the top. You’ll hopefully recognise whether you read them or not.

    Reviewer’s names are now on the Audio Reviews page. Eventually I hope to get the album covers back too, but at the moment it’s one or the other. The other way to follow a particular writer is to go to the Jazz Journal writers link in the footer (blue bar bottom of any page). There you can click on any writer you want and see all their articles listed. Alternatively, if you’re on a Derek Ansell review, click his name at top of the review and it will show all his articles.

    Derek will be chuffed.

    Regards, Mark Gilbert