Sahib Shihab: Sentiments


Shihab composed all the music for this 1971 Copenhagen session with a host of instruments and a strong rhythm section.

He appears to be playing soprano on “Ma’Nee”, the opening piece, although it is not listed as such. He is heard on alto and produces a ripe, robust sound on baritone on two selections. “The Call” is a modal track in 5/4 with powerful alto, beginning with a chant and a complex bass solo from Niels-Orsted.

The music is straightahead on all the compositions, including a melodic flute and bass duet and benefits from consistent piano, bass and lithe, flexible drumming from Hopps.

This premium vinyl LP is a welcome reissue from Storyville and has long been sought by collectors since it was deleted.

Shihab (as, ss, bar, f); Kenny Drew (p); Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b); Jimmy Hopps (d). 1971.
Storyville 6017008 vinyl