Andy Hamilton

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Andy Hamilton began his journalistic career with The Wire in 1985, when Richard Cook, a school friend of his, became editor. He later wrote for Jazz Review, which Richard Cook founded and edited. He has subsequently written for Classic CD, International Piano and Jazz Journal, none of which Richard Cook was involved in. His day job is teaching philosophy at Durham University, UK. His books include Lee Konitz: Conversations on the Improviser's Art, which grew out of interviews with Konitz for The Wire and Jazz Review, and Aesthetics and Music; both titles appeared in 2007. He is a jazz pianist who needs to practise more.

Mark Segger: Lift Off

Junius Paul: Ism

Dan Tepfer

LJF 2019: Dan Tepfer

LJF 2019: Barry Guy

HMC Trio: High And Outside

Sensaround: Heart/Noise

JD Allen: Barracoon

Corey Mwamba: NTH


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