Yusef Lateef: Atlantis Lullaby

Reflecting the times, this 1972 concert from Avignon has the woodwind maverick playing soul-jazz, a wall of sound jam and extended standards


Atlantis Lullaby features two quirky duets – a bass and flute combo between Cunningham and Heath on Lowland Lullaby, and another from Lateef, this time on flute, drifting around Barron on piano performing A Flower.

Lateef continues on flute with the soul-jazz infused track Eboness before returning to the tenor saxophone performing his rendition of I’m Getting Sentimental Over You, coming in at just under 13 minutes.

A 25-minute untitled jam occupying the entirety of side four concludes the set with heavy bowing from Cunningham which later spirals into a complete wall of sound between the four musicians.

This double vinyl album is accompanied by a glossy booklet containing fitting and exclusive tributes by fellow luminaries Sonny Rollins, Tia Fuller, Joe Lovano and James Carter plus artists involved on the record.

Whilst his most notable releases such as Eastern Sounds, The Blue Yusef Lateef and Yusef Lateef’s Detroit: Latitude 42° 30′ Longitude 83° showcase Lateef at his best, this set offers some introduction to Lateef’s sound and style.

Inside Atlantis; A Flower (20.38) – Yusef’s Mood; Lowland Lullaby (21.22) – Eboness; I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (24.27) – The Untitled (25.38)
Lateef (ss, ts, f); Kenny Barron (p); Bob Cunningham (b); Albert “Tootie” Heath (d, f). Avignon, July 1972.
Elemental Music 5990545