Dave Green’s 80th at the Pizza Express

    Two days of gigs to celebrate the vet bass player's eight decades include a meeting between Scott Hamilton and Evan Parker

    Left to right: Dave Green, Eddie Harvey and Dave Newton at the BT Jazz Awards at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in 1998. Photo: JJ Archive

    The wide-ranging bassist Dave Green marks his 80th birthday in a half-weekend of gigs at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean St, London in early March.

    Although he’s mostly associated with the swinging mainstream his eclecticism might be palpable in one of the weekend’s most intriguing gigs, a meeting at lunchtime on 5 March between Green, the swingers Scott Hamilton, Alan Barnes and Mark Nightingale, and the hard-core free improviser Evan Parker.

    As a mark of its rarity or perhaps simply the enduring popularity of Scott Hamilton, the gig’s already sold out.

    Other gigs over the weekend with Dave on the bass stool are:

    4 March (7pm) – Scott Hamilton Quartet – with John Pearce (piano) and Steve Brown (drums).
    4 March (10pm) – Karen Sharp Quartet – with Nikki Iles (p) and Steve Brown.
    5 March (1pm) – Scott Hamilton & Friends, including Alan Barnes, Evan Parker and more.
    5 March (7pm) – Norma Winstone – Nikki Iles Quartet with Stan Sulzmann.
    5 March (9.30pm) – Henry Lowther’s Still Waters.