Siril Malmedal Hauge: Slowly Slowly

The eerily soft and enchanting voice of the leader dominates this set by a Norwegian band including pianist Kjetil Mulelid


Taking the lead on both the flute, vocals and most of the words and music for this album, Siril Malmedal Hauge demonstrates a great variety of skill. Having received the award for Jazz Talent of the Year at Molde jazz festival in 2019, this Norwegian musician has released the second album in her own name. It possesses an atmosphere constantly in flux. One thing that is unchanging, however, is the eerily soft and circular sound of Hauge’s voice.

The first track, Scent Of Lilac, begins with unaccompanied solo singing before quickly settling into its most prominent identity as a calm, upbeat song, heavily featuring Kjetil Mulelid’s diverse piano-playing. Mulelid conveys two very distinct styles in this song, foreshadowing the great variety and juxtaposition of style which many of the tracks possess. The lively mood extends to the second track, Wooden Hotel. Martin Myhre Olsen’s saxophone takes the limelight here, showcasing his virtuosity.

Crystals, an improvised piece by the band, is a short vocal-less track that acts rather like a prelude to the most distracting track, When Will. Despite the beautiful quality of the phrasing, the track is a little ill-fitting with the rest of the album. Nonetheless, Hauge has created some beautiful music.

The last three tracks, Tonight, Pearls and Albatross stand out as highlights to me. Each track flaunts Hauge’s charming voice. Another focal point is Magic Fruit, composed by Hauge, Olsen and drummer Henrik Lødøen. The track is an eclectic mix of funk, folk and jazz that makes use of under-used instruments with distinctive sounds. A real joy to listen to, as with most of Slowly Slowly

Scent Of Lilac; Wooden Hotel; Slowly; Featherlight; Crystals; When Will; Purpose; Magic Fruit; Wanderlust; Tonight; Pearls; Albatross (45.36)
Hauge (v, f); Martin Myhre Olsen (ts, as); Torgeir Standal (g); Kjetil Mulelid (p, mell); Martin Morland (b); Henrik Lødøen (d). Athletic Sound Studio, Halden, Norway, February and September 2020.
Jazzland Recordings 3779379