JJ 08/93: Ginger Baker – Unseen Rain

Thirty years ago, Stan Woolley admired the drummer's virtuosity and liked his Indo-Jazz fusion piece but sought more variety. First published in Jazz Journal August 1993


I have to admit that I found listening to this album rather tedious. With the exception of The Time, the tracks have a sameness about them and, as you might expect, each is dominated by Ginger Baker’s drums. Not that Baker is a tub-thumper, far from it. His technical expertise is quite remarkable and his playing will delight all students of percussion – but it all leaves me cold.

However, I liked very much the aforementioned The Time, a beautifully worked piece in the Indo-Jazz fusion vein on which Baker exercises his skills more as a percussionist than a conventional drummer. One or two more tracks like this would have added spice and variety to what is, in my opinion, a rather dull release.

Rain And The Rhinoceros; Worlds Within Worlds; Open Secret; The Great Festival Of Destruction; The Time Of No Room; The Sign; Mirror Of Steel; To Each His Darkness (42.56)
Ginger Baker (d); Jens Johansson (p); Jonas Hellborg (b). c. 1992.
(Day Eight Music DEMCD 028)