JJ 03/83: Emily Remler Quartet – Take Two

Forty years ago, George Ebbs remarked on the skill and commitment of the young mainstream guitarist, a protégé of Herb Ellis. First published in JJ March 1983


Miss Remler, seemingly a protégé of Herb Ellis, whose style she obviously admires immensely, has a great deal going for her. At 25 she has reached a high standard of musicianship that is amply demonstrated on the open­er, Cannonball, and she soars through this number with a remark­able facility ably backed by the other musicians,          particularly Don Thompson.

The Dexter Gordon composition For Regulars Only has fine empathy between Emily and Don Thompson once again, but the introspective interpretation to be found in Search For Peace has all the quality and feeling that McCoy Tyner intended when he wrote it.

Pocket West is a Remler original where once again the backing is of a high standard – particularly the drumming of Terry Clarke, who pro­vides the perfect beat for Emily’s rhythmic games.

Waltz For My Grandfather, another Remler original, gives the guitarist a chance to show her elegance. Her creativity is no less than her capacity for improvisation and swing, as she demonstrates ad­mirably on the last track, Monty Alexander’s Eleuthra, some six minutes of cooking at maximum heat.

Nothing spontaneous here, all carefully played with laser accuracy by a lady who has been doing her homework very conscientiously and whose dedication to her instrument has enabled her to join the ranks of the fast growing professionals.

Cannonball; In Your Own Sweet Way; For Regulars Only; Search For Peace; (21.38) – Pocket West; Waltz For My Grandfather; Afro Blue; Eleuthra (22.00)
Emily Remler (g); James Williams (p); Don Thompson (b); Terry Clarke (d); New York, June 1982.
(Concord CJ 195)