Lorraine Feather: My Own Particular Life

Witty, wryly humorous, sometimes moving, the singer and lyricist appears variously with Russ Ferrante, Dave Grusin and Shelly Berg


Born into the heart of mainstream music – mother Jane a singer, father Leonard a jazz critic, godmother Billie Holiday – Lorraine Feather has been singing professionally for the past half-century and this new album shows that she still has much to offer.

In addition to singing, she has followed the example of both parents and written lyrics for many songs, some of which have been used on movie soundtracks, including Dick Tracy (1990) and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004). As lyricist, Feather has often worked with composers Mark Watters and Eddie Arkin. Among her collaborations with Watters is Faster, Higher, Stronger, which was performed at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympics, while five of her works with Arkin are heard on this, her latest release.

The musicians accompanying Feather here include pianists Russell Ferrante on six tracks (two of which, A Grand Invention and Sweet Little Creature, he composed and arranged), Dave Grusin on one (A Hopeful Note, his composition and arrangement) and Shelly Berg on two (his compositions and arrangements, Arbitrary Drawers and Life Story). Arkin arranged his five compositions and he also plays guitar on Music From The Ceiling. His solo there is effective, as is violinist Charlie Bisharat’s on Everything Else Is Waiting, but it is the three pianists who have most of the instrumental solos, all them very good indeed.

As for Feather, her warmly mature voice, which shows no sign of ageing, perfectly brings to life her lyrics, which are filled with meaning and subtly convey their underlying messages. Witty, wryly humorous, sometimes moving, her lyrics are always well-crafted and intelligent. Very warmly recommended to all who enjoy the finer things in life.

My Own Particular Life; Music From The Ceiling; Everything Else Is Waiting; A Grand Invention; Sweet Little Creature; Arbitrary Drawers; Life Story; Jacket Weather (54.16)
Feather (v) with Russell Ferrante (p); Eddie Arkin (g, arr); Michael Valerio (b); Michael Shapiro (d); and others. March 2019-June 2021. Various locations.
Relarion 315