Niels Lan Doky: River Of Time

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"The press release tells us Lan Doky 'embodies a unique blend between Nordic reflection and melancholy – and American swing and tradition' which is just about as apposite a summing up as one could wish for"

The press release accompanying JJ’s review copy of this CD tells us Lan Doky “embodies a unique blend between Nordic reflection and melancholy – and American swing and tradition” which is just about as apposite a summing up as one could wish for, although for River Of Time the latter just about shades the former.

From the lilt of Pink Buddha we are confronted by the title track, a simple but effective ballad introduced by Bardeleben using brushes backed up by a light touch from the bass drum. The leader then unveils an attractively melodic theme which extends into a bass solo – in short, a piece that beautifully illustrates the pianists’ heritage and US influences.


Greasy Sauce commences with a bold statement of soulful intent, taking its time to unfold but eventually resolved in joyful fashion by Doky; the following Sita’s Dream is an unashamedly romantic ballad full of careful note placement. By contrast, Are You Coming With Me? is driven by Bardeleben’s tambourine which is joined by some funky piano lines furnished by the leader’s left hand, extending into a strung-out coda.

Before we reach the radio edits, basically truncated versions of the earlier titles, there is the busy atmosphere of Houellebecq – an uptempo bluesy option, the sensuous atmosphere of Hope 2020 and the soul-jazz inspiration of the waltz that is Nature Of The Business, a live track from a Spanish sojourn.

If there were an aural experience that could illustrate just one possibility world peace offers, then the leader’s own World Peace, full of tranquility, is an outcome most of us would opt for. This is just one of the pleasures to be found on numerous albums graced by the Doky talents.

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(1) Pink Buddha; River Of Time; Greasy Sauce; Sita’s Mood; Are You Coming With Me ?; World Peace; Houellebecq; Hope 2020; (2) Nature Of The Business (Live); (1) Pink Buddha (Radio Edit); Are You Coming With Me ? (Radio Edit); Hope 2020 (Radio Edit); Greasy Sauce (Radio Edit) (74.07)
(1) Niels Lan Doky (p); Tobias Dall (b); Niclas Bardeleben (d). Denmark, 2019 & 2020. (2) as (1) but Spain, 26 July 2019.
Inner Adventures IA002

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